The college’s rules

These rules apply to all students and staff of Business College Helsinki, and you must follow them at all occasions organised by the college, and when you are acting as the college’s representative. When you are doing your training or apprenticeship, and in skills demonstrations, you should primarily follow the rules and code of conduct of the workplace.

  1. Be polite and businesslike in all situations and places. Give everyone the peace they need to work and study. Comply with the instructions given by the staff, and with the college’s rules
  2. Do your share in maintaining a good and safe atmosphere, be friendly and honest. Dress appropriately.
  3. Study according to your timetable. During training or apprenticeship follow the rules and code of conduct of the workplace.
  4. Be on time for class. After the classes have started, the classroom doors will be closed. If you know you are going to be late due to e.g. an unexpected rush hour or public transport arriving late, let your teacher know before the class starts.
  5. Be present and active in class, do the assignments as agreed. Showing up is not enough.
  6. If you have to be absent, let your PCDP instructor and teacher know about it. Take care of all the assignments given during your absence.
  7. Use the equipment given to you by the college in appropriate ways, and treat the property of the college with care. Eating and drinking take place during recess, not in class. The person responsible for damages is liable for compensating the damages.

It is strictly forbidden to be in the possession of, using, selling, passing on or offering to others any toxicants, drugs or snuff, or acting under the influence of them in any study related occasion, at events organised by the college or in the premises of it.

Our college is smoke free. This includes both indoors and outdoors.

Everyone is responsible for following these rules and showing a good example. Each member of staff has the responsibility to take action if these rules are broken.

The consequences for breaking the rules:

  1. A talking-to by a teacher or the PCDP instructor. A mark is made on Wilma and the guardians of underaged students are informed.
  2. A talking-to by the college’s management (education manager or education director). A mark is made on Wilma and the guardians of underaged students are informed.
  3. A written warning by the principal or vice principal due to a severe or repetitive misbehaviour (at least three previous talks). Before giving a written warning the student must be heard.
  4. A suspension for maximum three months by the principal. A suspension for maximum one year can be given on the decision of a multi-member organ. Before suspension also the student’s guardian must be heard.
  5. For misusing the IT equipment or programs limitations to the use of college network or a temporary ban may be set.

All misdemeanors will be marked down in the student register by the person giving the talking-to, the person making the decision on the suspension, or the person giving the warning.

Any person misusing, breaking or smudging the college space, furniture or equipment is liable for covering the damage.

A large number of absences and poor advancement of studies result in an additional PCDP discussion, a discussion on the advancement of studies, contacting the guardians of underaged student and a possible temporary loss of student lunch rights.

The college staff has the right to tell a student to leave, or remove a student from the college’s event or premises, if the student is misbehaving, does not follow the command to leave, or if the student has been suspended. If the student physically objects to being removed, the staff has the right to use necessary force as long as the student’s age, the severity of the situation and the overall consideration are taken into account.

It is forbidden to use any tools for forcible means. The police may be called if needed.