Training at the workplace

Training is part of the education. Training is organized either with a training or an apprenticeship contract. During the work period, you will demonstrate your skills in real working life. Before the start of the training period, you must have completed the vocational studies that provide the competence required in the vocational skills demonstrations.

Training is target-oriented, supervised and assessed study at the workplace and done within the normal working hours and practices of the workplace. Training is an integral part of studies. The goal is for the students to acquire the professional skills required for their degree and to learn general skills needed in the job market. The student writes a plan in cooperation with the work place for the training period. Students demonstrate their competence in vocational skills demonstrations.

Vocational skills demonstrations are planned, carried out and assessed together with employers. This offers students the opportunity to demonstrate through authentic work tasks how they have achieved the vocational skills requirements according to the Finnish National Curriculum descriptions of studies. The tasks and demonstrations of trainees differ depending on the workplace and are planned individually for each student.

What is training at the workplace?

  • Training is an integral part of the studies
  • Students study the principles of business management in the school environment and complete rest of their studies in a company doing authentic work tasks
  • Company provides training for the student
  • Students demonstrate their competence in vocational skills demonstrations, which are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Does every student need to do the training?
  • Training at work place is included in every student’s study schedule

What is the benefit of workplace training?

  • Students gain experience from real life work situation from on the workplae training.
  • Training builds up contacts and improves employment possibilities
  • Students can apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt at school in real work environment

When is the training period?

  • Training is done at the end of the studies after the student has completed two semesters studies at school.
  • Students may also start training earlier if they have prior work experience and they demonstrate the ability to be ready for the training period
  • Training lasts for one semester, five months

Which work places are suitable? Can the training be carried out abroad?

  • Training is carried out in a company that allows students to do work tasks relevant to their studies and provide necessary training and support for the student.
  • Student has to find the training company themselves. If student faces difficulties to find a suitable job the college staff gives help in the process.
  • Training can be completed abroad. The college has contacts to work placements to which students can apply.