Piloting OBCD training in Finland

The OBCD project aims to develop social entrepreneurship. In May-June, the MOOC online training modules and training of the international OBCD project will be piloted and tested.

We have selected three modules to be tested and piloted in Finland: ecosystems and networking, marketing social enterprises and open business and innovation.

Helsinki Business College Ltd is responsible for piloting the Finnish vocational training, for which around 20 people interested in social entrepreneurship will be selected.

SMEs, start-ups, associations and all those interested in the OBCD ecosystem and social entrepreneurship are welcome to participate.

The language of the training is English.

Target group

Adult learners in vocational education and training and social enterprises. Around 20 participants interested in social entrepreneurship will be accepted on the basis of applications. 

MOOC-online courses and face-to-face modules

  • Innovation and Open Business Model in SEs
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Skills in SEs
  • Ecosystems and networks of a SE


May-July 2024


Registration and applications by 8th of May 2024 here.

More information

For more information, please contact Development Specialist Helena Miettinen,