Web developers for training and work

We are bringing up the next generation of senior developers. To do our share in bridging that gap between the number of programmers needed in the future and available now, we have created a compact and intensive education program for programmers. In these studies the focus is 100% on giving the developers the key skills and knowledge they need. The program is conducted together with our partners, specialists in web technologies.

The curriculum

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The training and recruiting cooperation in the web developer education

Training at the workplace is an important part of our web developer education
● During the training, the hosting company gains a good understanding of the skills and knowledge the student has
● Our students are motivated to enter the workforce quickly, so the possible transition from training to work is smooth
● The direct costs of having a trainee are 0 euros

The programmer education is organised with the funding and support of the Finnish National Agency for Education

Cooperation possibilities

  1. Become our partner! When your company becomes our partner, you can influence the contents of the education, if you wish, and you can pick the most suitable students for your needs before they get recruited by other companies. Our students will also gladly pay a visit to your company.
  2. Make a job or a training offer for a student! We publish the job and traning openings in our student intranet, and we encourage the most suitable students to apply for a positition in your organisation. (Most of our students do their training beginning 21st October, until 20th December 2019)

Would you like to hear more?

We would be happy to answer any questions or to provide more information about the possibilities for collaboration.

Contact: Regarding collaboration: Marja Wallinmaa, Growth Lead | +358 50 506 0445 marja.wallinmaa@bc.fi
Regarding the contents of the education and the technologies: Miikka Merikanto, Education Manager | +358 44 775 6438 | miikka.merikanto@bc.fi

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Our motivated students

From over 500 applicants, we picked the most motivated adult students. Our students have a strong educational background, and a burning desire to begin their careers as web developers. Among our Finnish-speaking future professionals, we also have international students, whose working language is English.

Educational background:


Working language:


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Our partners:

The curriculum and schedule of the programmer education

Drupal / WordPress, PHP ja Symfony Framework groups (Finnish and English language groups)
Spring 2019
Agile Software Development
HTML5 and CSS3
Programming JavaScript
Programming PHP
WordPress Basics
Drupal Basics

Summer 2019
Summer Project (Druid / Geniem)

Fall 2019
Data structures and Quality Assurance
React Library
Symfony Framework
WordPress Plugin Development
Drupal Module Development
Internship (from October 21 st to December 20th, 2019)

React-group (Node, English language group)

Spring 2019
Agile Software Development
UI Design and Prototyping
HTML5 and CSS3
Software Prototype Project
Programming JavaScript
React Basics
Node Basics

Summer 2019
Summer Project (Exove)

Fall 2019
Data structures
Quality Assurance
Advanced React
Advanced Node
Software Development Project
Internship (from October 21st to December 20th, 2019)

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