Program partnership in IT training

We have renewed the way we train adults, who have a career pivot in mind, to become IT professionals. At the same time we are able to meet better the recruitment needs companies and organizations have.

Studying in our programs is full time and it takes place in Pasila, Helsinki (during corona pandemic also in distance learning) with our teachers for the first 12 months. Studying in school is followed by a training period at the workplace. The length of training period is five months.

During the training period, the hosting company gains good understanding of the skills and knowledge the student has and how the student fits into the organization culture. At best training period leads to a win-win situation: the company gets a skilled employee without extra recruitment costs and the student finds a job equal to his or hers studies.

Program partnership in practice

  • Program partners build their reputation as a desired future employer among students.
  • Business College offers partners a targeted way to recruit trainees/employees.
  • Program partners achieve visibility in applicant marketing.
  • As a program partner you can influence on the content of the training (technologies, focus areas). 
  • Partners are committed to invest their time by taking part in student project work (defining the project, presenting the project assignment to students and giving feedback to student teams after the work is done) or giving training during studies on topics which the company itself prefers.
  • Partners arrange a company presentation in class/ by MS Teams or a student excursion.

Ongoing programs

August 2022 groups:

Full Stack Web Developer Program (JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Node), main program partner Exove

Full Stack Web Developer Program (Angular, .NET), main program partner Futunio

Cyber Security Education Program (Security Operations Center Specialist (SOC)), main program partners Cinia, FISC

January 2022:

Full Stack Web Developer Program (JavaScript, React, Redux, PHP, Symfony, Drupal), main program partner Druid

Cyber Security Education Program (Identity and Access Management (IAM)), main program partners Pulsen, CSIT Finland, FISC

IT Support Specialist Program, main program partner Elisa

August 2021 groups:

Full Stack Web Developer Program (React, Node), main program partner PHZ Full Stack

Full Stack Web Developer Program, main program partner CGI

Upcoming programs

Next programs will start in January 2023. More information during fall 2022.

Would you like to hear more?

We would be happy to answer any questions or to provide more information about the possibilities for collaboration.

Collaboration in Full Stack Web Developer Programs: Paavo Penttilä | +358 50 5587951|
Collaboration in Cyber Security and IT Support Programs: Juha Rajala | +358 44 7756038|