Tailored education services for companies

Our education offerings include vocational upper secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications, and specialist vocational qualifications. However, we also offer study programs specifically tailored to the needs of your company. These programs complete the skills and knowledge your employees already have and make professional development possible. Our courses also support career advancement and help you when you wish to learn a new profession.

An education program tailored for your company is a great way to ensure that your staff has the necessary skills and knowledge base, because a tailored program responds to the specific needs of your organization. As an alternative, we offer the possibility of conducting education programs together with other companies.

We are flexible in tailoring our education. The education can be aimed at completing a qualification, or it can be some type of short-term training in the field of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, management work, or information and communication technology. First, we map the educational needs of your organization, and then we start planning the contents of the education together with you. There are many possibilities for funding the education.

Contact us – we would be happy to discuss the educational needs of your organisation!

Additional information:
Kirsi Järvinen, Education Director, 040 751 3008, aikuiskoulutus@bc.fi