Entrepreneurship and business development

Entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of all our activities at Business College Helsinki. We coach our students to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and to acquire the basic skills to work as an entrepreneur. Studies at Business College Helsinki may include studying in different kinds of learning environments focusing on entrepreneurship. We support start ups by actively collaborating in the shared ecosystem built by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Startup School and Business College Helsinki.

As a part of our ongoing development projects we offer various services for those who are thriving to become entrepreneurs, and for companies at different stages of their path, including:

Advice and councelling for future entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs looking for growth. We will support you in crystallising your business idea, and in planning the first steps of starting a business. We can help you in finding the right contacts and in building your network.

Support in cases of ownership change. We will support and guide you in the event of finding the right buyer for, or taking over an existing business, in planning the practical arrangements of the ownership transition, and in finding the right valuation of the company.

Business Development services. We will support and coach you if you need to develop your existing business, or if you are looking to build new and fresh business models, and innovative services. A hackathon event or other kind of collaboration with our students and staff is a great resource for innovation and creating new value to benefit your business.

Additional information:
Jouni Hytönen, head of development, jouni.hytönen@bc.fi , +358 40717 9991

This page gathers together the information about the innovation activities and the activities to promote entrepreneurship at Business College Helsinki. We provide our students various opportunities to acquire business skills in different kinds of learning environments and collaboration networks. We strengthen the Startup ecosystem in cooperation with other actors, such as Haaga-Helia Startup School and XES -student community. Through the Mege -project we offer services to businesses at different stages of their path, and coaching to those thriving to become entrepreneurs, especially immigrants. We create opportunities for businesses and students to collaborate, by testing and piloting different services and products, and by taking part in their development work.