Learning environments and experiments

We proactively develop and renew the pedagogics in vocational education, and create innovative learning environments for skills-based learning. We network with active developer communities and organisations to plan and conduct pedagogical experiments. In cooperation with businesses and our students, we test and pilot different kinds of service and products and thus take part in their development process. We promote open innovation and agile culture in vocational education and in the pedagogical practices in VET.

Peda-Reboot site for pedagogical development

PedaReboot is the site for pedagogical development at Business College Helsinki. The site gathers together our newest projects in the field of pedagogical development and their results. The projects have been supported by external funding.

We strive to support our teaching staff in putting in place skills-based vocational education and training, and in the ongoing transformation of the teaching profession. The site is built around the three fundamental themes of pedagogical activities: teaching, learning environments and the digital sphere. Additional information in Finnish via https://www.pedareboot.fi/ .

To find out more about the pedagogical development projects, please contact:

Paula Hyytiäinen, head of local education department, paula.hyytiainen@bc.fi

PopUpCollege – an innovative learning environment outside the school walls

For more information in Finnish, visit https://www.popupcollege.fi/esittely

What is PopUp College?

A learning environment among real businesses

PopUp College is an innovative, work-based way to learn the skills needed for becoming a professional or an entrepreneur. The students create real-life cooperation projects with local businesses to support their needs. The learning environment is in place a few months at a time, in a business space rented from a local shopping mall.

Projects for real-life clients

The student teams acquire their assignments from the local businesses, and create the marketing, sales or communication services, or event needed by the business owners.

Agile experiments PopUp College is open to all, and it creates a hub for new learning solutions, and collaboration between businesses and vocational institutions. Experimenting the use of the newest technological tools is a part of the concept.

Skills for the future PopUp College is a learning environment where the students can learn by doing: the students take ownership of their own learning process and have the opportunity to rise to the occasion with the challenging real-life tasks. Working together in teams to create inspiring projects for clients make learning fun!

Hear more about students’ experiences of the PopUp College through the video:
PopUp College | Student interview