International Affairs

Our international activities are based on our long-time partnerships. They ensure that we offer both a broad and varied selection of activities. We cooperate with educational institutions, organisations and businesses in the Nordics, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Malta, thus our network expands from Europe to Asia and Canada.

The collaboration methods include development projects in the fields of education and councelling services, and student and staff exchanges. The length of the exchanges vary. The long term partnerships have created a strong basis for our international reputation.

Internationalisation of our students

We promote the internationalisation of our students by offering them opportunities to choose studies related to different cultures, and language courses, even at the beginning of their studies. Our students can take part in international seminars and study trips guided by one of our teachers. We organise special theme days and briefings to encourage our students to take part in our international activities, and to promote multiculturalism. These events offer those students who have been active with international activities a platform to share their experiences with others.

At later stages of their studies, we offer our students the opportunity to an individual exchange abroad; either in a company or in one of our partner colleges. The longest student exchanges are one semester long. We support the exchanges financially by offering grants for studies or training abroad. In addition to the grants administered by our college, the exchanges may be supported financially by the Foundation of Finnish Business College.

To maintain the language skills gained during exchanges or to strengthen the language skills needed in the international environment, we offer our students the possibility to choose study units from the study programs that are run in English language.

The network of our partner schools offer our students the opportunity to continue their studies abroad, in Great Britain or USA, to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

Internationalisation of staff

In addition to teaching multicultural classes, our staff has the possibility to improve their language skills and international cooperation skills by taking part in our international development projects, by acting as an instructor at a study trip, or by taking part in staff exchange abroad. Teacher exchanges are open to our teaching staff, and the specialist exchanges for the length of one week are open to our whole staff. In order to enhance the international skills of our students, it is very important that both the management and staff are committed to internationalisation.

Project activities

At our college there are currently several ongoing international cooperation and development projects, and projects supporting the international mobility of our students and staff. Read more about the ongoing projects from this link (in Finnish): international projects.


At Business College Helsinki we annually host several visits by international specialists and studentsBusiness. Every year we organise an international student seminar, and we welcome exchange students teacher trainees from our partner colleges.

International Affairs Office

The international affairs staff at Business College Helsinki consists of a Head of International Affairs and a Coordinator of International Affairs. People working in the international office are specialists in international affairs, and their duties include project management, event management and organising the exchanges for both students and staff.

Contact details:

Hilla Helasaari, Head of International Affairs | | 050 490 4546

Orsolya Simon, Coordinator of International Affairs | | 044 775 6012