Environmental responsibility: Green Office

We are a Green Office agency approved by WWF. WWF’s Green Office aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce ecological footprint. Our school has been awarded the Green Office brand, in recognition of its work for recycling and sustainable development.

For the sorting and recycling of waste, there is a paper and mixed waste container in each class. In the aisles there are also recycling points. Bio waste has its own bio waste containers in the canteen and in the kitchen. Please note that one of the largest carbon footprints is produced in agriculture and food production. Take food on your plate just as much as you are going to eat. This is your contribution for the support of sustainable development.

The learning environments have auto-off lights with motion detector. To save paper we use an e-learning environment. Fixed computers are replaced by laptops that are distributed to students and thus considerably reduce the electricity consumption.

In accordance with the Green Office principles, paper should be used sparingly and solely for printing work related to studies.

The college has a Green Office team which gathers information on environmental responsibility results and plans actions. Students are also welcome to join the team.