Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office serves applicants in all matters related to student selection and students for example in student social affairs and in study-related certification matters. The services provided by the office include

  • counseling and guidance for applicants
  • general counseling for students
  • provision of study and discount certificates (train, bus, etc.)
  • issuing formal transcripts for student financial support applications to Kela
  • preparing diplomas
  • maintenance of the study management register

The Student Affairs Office does not assist in obtaining a residence permit in Finland.

The school does not have a dormitory, and unfortunately we do not assist in obtaining an apartment.

Contact information of the Student Affairs Office

Telephone service on school days 9.30-15.00 (local time): p. +358 9 1489 0490
The Student Affairs Office is on the 2nd floor of the college

Opening hours during the academic year
Mon-Sat 9.30-14.00
Fri 9.30-12.00
In addition, the Student Affairs Office is open at the beginning of the semester at 9-15. Holiday opening times are announced separately.