Student Affairs Office

The student affairs office is at your service all the way from the application phase. During your studies the student affairs office can help you with social benefits for students, or if you need a certificate of your studies. The services offered by the student affairs office incude:
● Advice and guidance to applicants
● General advice to students
● Study certificates for officials or to get student discounts (for example for HSL, VR or Matkahuolto)
● Delivering the applications for student benefits for Kela
● The official transcripts of records
● Qualification certificates
● Copies of the Qualification certificates (for a fee, delivery time 1-2 weeks during the school year)
● Credentials and passwords for Wilma platform

Be prepared to show a valid ID with your picture on it when visiting the student affairs office.

From Atomi, the electronic student affairs office service of Business College Helsinki, you can order a study certificate, a transcript of studies or the documentation that qualifies you for a discount on VR and Matkahuolto tickets. The certificates are electronically signed, and their authenticity can be verified on our webpages . You can log in into Atomi with your student user credentials.

Please let us know without delay of any changes regarding your studies or your contact details! These include changes in your personal information, changes of address, or discontinuing your studies temporarily or permanently.

As the education provider, Business College Helsinki must have your up-to-date contact details. Please note that the college is not liable for any losses if your contact details are not up to date. As a student, you can easily update your contact information on the Wilma platform.

Student affairs office contact details:

The student affairs office is located on the second floor of the building, across to the staircase B.

We are at your service

● By phone, on school days from 8.00–16.00 (8am to 4pm): +358 9 1489 0490
● Reception, Mon-Fri 9.00–15.00 (9am to 3pm)
● Via email, opintotoimisto(at)

The opening hours during holidays and holiday eves are informed separately.

Opening hours during summer 2022 (6.6. – 29.7.2022)
service desk is open Mon-Fri from 10 am to 12 pm
phone service from 9 am to 3 pm

Exceptions to opening hours

Mon 13.6.2022 phone service from 9 am to 12 pm
Fri 24.6.2022 service desk and phone service closed
Mon 11. – Wed 13.7.2022 service desk and phone service closed

Discontinuing your studies

Discontinuing your studies temporarily:

If you have a long-term medical condition, you are about to begin your maternity leave, you are about to begin your military or civil service, or if you have another compelling reason, you may apply for a temporary discontinuation of your studies. Inform your PCDP-instructor, guidance councelor, special education teacher, or school social worker immediately.

You may be granted the permission to discontinue your studies temporarily, usually for a semester or for a full school year. The discontinuation period is not counted as study time. You must apply for discontinuation well in advance, because it cannot be granted ex post facto (afterwards). You can find all the forms related to studying on the Wilma platform, in electronic form.

When you wish to pick up your studies after a discontinuation period, inform the student affairs office in written form about your plans. You must also report yourself in person at the student affairs office. During the discontinuation period your credentials to the college’s electronic platforms (Wilma, Itslearning etc.) are temporarily locked, and to regain access to all these platforms a visit to the student affairs office is required.

Discontinuing your studies permanently

If you wish to terminate your studies at Business College Helsinki, you must notify the college in written. Send your letter of resignation to a guidance councellor or to the student affairs office. Before your final decision, you should discuss with your guidance councellor. The blank version of a letter of resignation can be found from the Forms section in Wilma. If you are a minor, your guardian must sign the letter of resignation. You must return the laptop provided to you for your studies at the IT support, and they will check a box in your letter of resignation. You may return the lunch token either directly to the info desk, or to the student affairs office.

When the resignation has been registered, you will get a certificate of termination of studies, and a certificate of completed vocational units.

According to the Nuorisolaki (Youth act) law passed on 21.12.2016/1285 11 §, we will inform the municipality of residence youth social workers on all students under 29 years of age who have terminated their studies. The outreach youth workers will then contact the young people in need of assistance, and help them reach the services and support they need. The services and support are to help the young person to grow, to become independent, and to gain access to education and work. The outreach youth work is done based on the information each young person wishes to share, and based on their own evaluation on what kind of support they would need.


Business College Helsinki has six possible graduation dates along the school year. You may pick the timing that suits you best. You may get your qualification certificate in September, November, December, February, April and in the turn of the month of June. We hold a graduation ceremony twice a year: in December and in May/June. If you graduate at another point of the year, you may pick your certificate from the college with your ID.

At the end of your studies you must apply for graduation in Wilma, so that we know when you want to graduate. The certificates are prepared based on the applications.

Your credentials for the school’s platforms will be locked two weeks after your graduation. Remember to take copies of any important files and emails.

Copies of the qualification certificates

You may get an authorised copy of your certificate. The delivery time is from 1 to 2 weeks during the school year. During holiday times the delivery time may be longer. An authorised copy of your certificate costs 20 euros. The payment details will be delivered to you via email.

Ask for a copy with this form.

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