Projects and networks

Business College Helsinki is an active, experienced and reliable actor in development projects. We actively take part in regional, national and international development networks. We have experience both in partner and project management roles. In the projects we collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, communities, and funding providers.

DIHUB – Digital Innovation Hub for cloud based services

The DIHUB consortium is setting up a European-wide cluster of interconnected nodes using the latest cloud computing technologies for innovations development, education and for generation of new start-ups.

Digital Innovation Hub for Cloud Based Services project five DIHUBs will be created in different sides of Europe: Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia and Finland.

  • A training program

and training material with the very latest technologies and tools of cloud providers.

  • A hub model

of clustered nodes, firstly in 5 European countries and then expanded to further EU stakeholders.

  • A European-wide hub

that will host different projects where students can familiarize with different cloud technologies and further develop service ideas coming from companies.

  • Links between

Vocational education, higher education and companies in form of collaborative projects.

The results of the project:

  • Cluster of five interconnected nodes for innovations development, education and for generation of new start-ups
  • Digital Innovation Hub model for Cloud Based Services
  • Proof of concept for a training program in cloud based service creation
  • Training materials for the Training program
  • Pilot of the Training program in the created learning environment
  • Review report of cluster of interconnected nodes and training programme

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MEGE – Multicultural encounters, growth, entrepreneurship

MEGE – Multicultural Encounters, Growth, Entrepreneurship aims to remove barriers for international professionals to establish and acquire businesses in the Helsinki region.

MEGE is a joint project of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Business College, Aalto University and The Shortcut. The project’s main objective is to increase the number of growth companies established by international professionals by offering a service package for the validation of a business idea, launching business operations, and business succession situations.

The service package is developed in cooperation with end users and thus meets the needs of international professionals. The service package includes coaching units for startup activities and business succession situations as well as mentoring.

As outcomes, the project will create:

  1. New businesses, business successions and jobs (particularly skill intensive growth businesses), in which the expertise of international professionals is utilized in Finland;
  2. A new operations model for integrating international professionals into innovation, startup, and business succession ecosystems in Finland;
  3. A service package which includes comprehensive services for developing and launching business operations and the business succession process for international professionals and SMEs;
  4. Publications about the results of the Project.

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YIBinSport – Youth with immigrant background in Sport

YIBinS aims to use sports as the main catapulting agent in interconnecting structures and stakeholders within the community or network into working cross-sectorally to optimally facilitate the social inclusion, equal opportunities and integration of youth with migrant background into society.

Also, research results have shown that there is a real need for collaboration among stakeholders in the Collaborative service process for YIB commitment and social inclusion. The stakeholders at grassroots level are municipality sport services, local sport organizations led by volunteer boards and educational organizations.

Our main goals are:

Advancing equal opportunities and enhance social inclusion

which includes integration/wellbeing, education, active citizenship, employment and networking path, of YIB’s using sports as the main tool (low threshold, removing obstacles, open to everyone, two-way integration).

Strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration of grassroot level stakeholders multilaterally

municipal sport services, associations (sport clubs, other multicultural sport related associations) and educational institutions.

Advancing equal opportunities and enhance social inclusion

which includes integration/wellbeing, education, active citizenship, employment and networking path, of YIB’s using sports as the main tool (low threshold, removing obstacles, open to everyone, two-way integration).

Integration of YIB’s

Integration of YIB’s (including refugees) into society through education and employment.

We believe in the importance of placing the YIB individual in the centre and we aim to conceptualize how different structures and stakeholders within a network, from grassroots level to regional and central government, can be optimized cross-sectorally to advance social inclusion using sport as the main tool. Our strategy is based on the use of the design thinking philosophy.

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Entrepreneurship Education in Europe

Start September 2018
Ends spring 2021
Coordinator Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule Wien 22


  • Helsinki Business College Oy
  • Bridgwater And Taunton College, UK
  • Lycée Pablo Picasso, France
  • Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, Malta

Funding Erasmus + (KA2)

Project description

Entrepreneurship Education in Europe is a 2-year project to develop entrepreneurial education and share good practice between five different partner countries. The project includes both expert and student mobility. Experts from different countries meet to get acquainted with different teaching methods and materials, and to compare their practices. Teachers share information, compare teaching materials and innovate new ways to inspire students to become entrepreneurs. The project helps students interested in entrepreneurship to find employment through starting their own business.

More information

Orsolya Simon, International Coordinator 044 775 6012 |

EBBD Prime

Project name EBBD + Prime

Start 2019

Ends 2022

Coordinator Berufsbildende Schule Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen, Germany


  • Business College Helsinki, Finland
  • Aalborg Handelsskole, Denmark
  • Andrassy György Ökonomische Fachmittelschule, Hungary
  • EBBD e.V., Germany
  • I.I.S. A.Volta, Italy
  • Gustav-Stresemann-Wirtschaftsschule Mainz, Germany
  • Zespol Szkol Ekonomicznych, Poland
  • BASF SE, Germany
  • Nazaret Fundazioa, Spain
  • International Business College BHAK12, Austria
  • Stichting ROC Summa College, The Netherlands

Funding Erasmus + (KA2)

The aim of the project

The EBBD Prime project focuses on the development and dissemination of the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma.

Project description

The EBBD Prime project will continue to develop and disseminate the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma developed in previous Comenius and Erasmus + programs. The EBBD Prime project focuses in particular on updating the curriculum in terms of digital skills, working life cooperation, making the diploma more flexible and dissemination of the diploma. The EBBD diploma enables business students to better demonstrate their business skills and abilities in the European Union region. The EBBD diploma aims to promote student mobility and employment within Europe.

More information

Kaisu Luukka, lecturer (
Emma Piha, International Coordinator (


Project name Developing effective IAG tools to improve VET students retention and success

Start 2018

Ends 2020

Coordinator Tartu Vocational Education Center, Estonia


  • Business College Helsinki, Finland
  • West Nottinghamshire College, United Kingdom
  • Elektrostrojarska skola, Croatia
  • I.I.S. A.Volta, Italy

Funding Erasmus + (KA2)

The aim of the project

The project aims to exchange experiences on best practices in the student’s application phase between the five partner institutions.

Project description

IAG4VET is a 2-year Erasmus + funded Strategic Partnership project. The aim of the project is to exchange experiences and good practices between partner institutions in relation to the practices of the student’s application phase. The project runs a total of 5 training weeks over 2 years, 1 in each partner country. Each training week has its own theme related to the student application phase practices, which is discussed among the partners during the week.

More information

Taru Saario, lecturer (
Emma Piha, International Coordinator, (

Erasmus + mobility projects

Project name

Global Mindset; student and staff mobility project (2020-2022)

Instructing Excellence; student and staff mobility project (2019-2021)

Broaden your World!; student and staff mobility project (2017-2019)

Ready for the World! student and staff mobility project (2016-2018)

MOVE; student and staff mobility project (2015-2017)


Business College Helsinki


Aalborg Handelsskole, Denmark

Niels Brock Business College, Denmark

City of Dublin ETB (Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Ireland

IES Guadalphin, Spain

IES Campanillas, Spain

Hertford Regional College, United Kingdom

International Business College, BHAK 12, Austria

Städtische Berufsschule für Großhandels- und Automobilkaufleute mit Lagerberufen, Germany

Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg, Kaufmännische Schule der Stadt Bielefeld, Germany

Berufsfachschule für Fremdsprachenberufe, Germany ASW-Berufsakademie Saarland e.V., Germany

Berufsbildende Schule Wirtchaft I Ludwigshafen, Germany

Stichting ROC Summa College, The Netherlands

Spain Internship, Spain

Bridgwater and Taunton College, United Kingdom

University of Worcester, UK

IIS F. Brunelleschi, Italy

Stage dating in Malta, Malta

Sannort Sp., Poland

Nacka Gymnasium, Sweden

Funding Erasmus + (KA1)

The aim of the project

The project offers students, teachers and other personnel the opportunity to go abroad on a study, work or training period to support their studies or work. The main objective of the project is to develop the ability of students and staff to work in an international environment and to improve language skills.

Project description

Students can apply for an Erasmus grant for their on-the-job-learning period or a student exchange to the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Austria, England, Spain, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark or Germany. The amount of the grant depends on the length of the period abroad and the country of destination. Staff can apply for a one-week job-shadowing period. In addition, teachers have the opportunity to embark on a 4-day trip to support student’s internship

More information

Emma Piha, International Coordinator 040 668 6238 |
Orsolya Simon, International Coordinator 044 775 6012 |


  • ITSVET-project; ICT Security in Vocational Education and Training

ITSVET-project aimed to developing a model for providing ICT security skills on the vocational education level. In practice the project performed a research to identify the needed competences for ICT security specialists in the Central Baltic labour market. Based on the results the project develops a new curriculum for vocational education schools in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

Project Partners were: THESA- Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, BCS Koolitus AS, Tallinn Polytechnic School, The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association – LIKTA, , Foundation Innove, Helsinki Business College, Riga Technical College, Estonian Qualifications Authority-KUTSEKODA.

Funding: Interreg, Central Baltic, 1.12.2015-31.3.2019

Nordplus mobility project

Projektin nimi
Företagsamhet med ny teknologi i Norden



Business College Helsinki


Nacka Gymnasium, Sweden
Verzlunarskóli Íslands, Iceland
Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum, Finland

Nordplus Junior

Project’s main goal
The aim of the project is to develop students’ international working life skills, to promote Nordic cultures and to intensify Nordic co-operation.

Project Description
Företagsamhet med ny teknologi i Norden is a Nordic student mobility project, involving a total of 4 business schools from Sweden, Iceland and Finland. One student exchange week focusing on students’ international working life skills will be organized in all countries involved in the project. Students participating in the exchange program travelled to Sweden in November, hosted, and participated in one seminar week in Finland. In addition, students participated in an online seminar day that replaced the seminar week in Iceland due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More Information
Emma Piha
, Coordinator of International Affairs 040 668 6238 |