Projects and networks

Business College Helsinki is an active, experienced and reliable actor in development projects. We actively take part in regional, national and international development networks. We have experience both in partner and project management roles. In the projects we collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, communities, and funding providers.

Some ongoing projects:

  • ITSVET-project; ICT Security in Vocational Education and Training

ITSVET-project aims at developing a model for providing ICT security skills on the vocational education level. In practice the project performs a research to identify the needed competences for ICT security specialists in the Central Baltic labour market. Based on the results the project develops a new curriculum for vocational education schools in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

Project Partners are: THESA- Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, BCS Koolitus AS, Tallinn Polytechnic School, The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association – LIKTA, , Foundation Innove, Helsinki Business College, Riga Technical College, Estonian Qualifications Authority-KUTSEKODA.

Funding: Interreg, Central Baltic, 1.12.2015-31.3.2019

  • YIBinS – Youth with immigrant background in Sport
  • Start Up Hub
  • MEGE Multicultural encounters, growth, entrepreneurship