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7th EBBD Annual Training in Helsinki, Finland

Business College Helsinki had a privilege to host the EBBD Annual Training on April 18th-19th, 2024. The event brought together over 50 EBBD experts from eight different countries for workshops, lectures, and networking.

– On behalf of Business College Helsinki, I want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the recent EBBD Annual Training, says Hilla Helasaari, Head of International Affairs in Business College Helsinki.

– It was a true honor to host such a distinguished group of EBBD experts. The workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities all fostered a dynamic and inspiring environment. And of course, we were particularly delighted to showcase our beautiful city of Helsinki and its surroundings to our international guests, Helasaari continues.

The core themes of this year’s annual training were green competences and micro credentials. Participants learned, shared and worked together on these themes.

– A special thanks go out to the EBBD alumni, who worked on a challenge and presented us their thoughts on integrating green competences in the EBBD certificate. Based on the outcomes, EBBD board will continue to disseminate and develop the certificate further, comments the chairwoman, Cynthia Woolderink

people in auditorium
EBBD Annual Training participants in Helsinki.

What is EBBD?

The EBBD, or Certificate of Excellence in European Business Behaviour and Democracy, is a prestigious European qualification signifying expertise in business, European affairs, and mobility. 

The EBBD qualification equips graduates with the essential skills to excel in an international business environment. It demonstrates soft skills mastery, business competence, and readiness for an international career.  This valuable certificate enhances job market opportunities and provides a steppingstone for lifelong learning. 


EBBD at Business College Helsinki 

Our Qualification in Business (QB) program offers students the exceptional opportunity to earn also the EBBD certificate. This European label of excellence distinguishes graduates in the field of international business studies.

To earn the EBBD certificate, students must demonstrate academic excellence (high GPA) and proficiency in two foreign languages (typically English – B2 or higher on the CEFR scale – and another language like Swedish – B1 or higher). Additionally, students must complete a minimum of 4 weeks of business-related studies or work abroad during their studies at Business College Helsinki. 

– Our college’s extensive network of international partners facilitates these valuable experiences.  Ideal EBBD candidates are responsible, adept problem-solvers, and possess strong teamwork skills, explains Kaisu Luukka, one of the teachers for QB Program and EBBD coordinator at Business College.

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QB Program and EBBD Certificate: Kaisu Luukka

International Affairs: Hilla Helasaari

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