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Business College Helsinki and Edunation co-operation will bring new talents for the Helsinki capital area

Business College and Edunation have signed a co-operation agreement concerning Vocational Qualification in Business program. The purpose of the cooperation is to train new international experts in Finland.  

BC and Edunation
BC’s Hilla Helasaari and Laura Sydänmaanlakka (on the left) with Edunation crew members.

Edunation will recruite students thru its Pathway to Finland –program from the Asian Region. Pathway to Finland –program is a preparatory course for vocational studies in Finland and it includes language studies (improving academic English skills and learning the basics of Finnish), subject-specific studies and academic study skills.  

Recruitment of the first group of students is ongoing. Minimum of 25 students are starting their Vocational Qualification in Business -studies in August 2024 in Finland. The length of full-time studies on campus is one year.  This includes an on-the-job learning/internship period in Finland. 

“We are really looking forward to this new international group to start our Business Program. There is a growing need for international talent in the Helsinki Region and this is one way to answer this demand”, says Hilla Helasaari, Head of International Affairs at Business College.  

Students in this group pay for their education and therefore no state subsidies are included.   

More information please contact:  

Hilla Helasaari, Head of International Affairs at Business College +358 50 490 

Anna Vekka, Partnerships Specialist at Edunation +358 50 337 

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