Marking 5 Years of Success: Full Stack Web Developer Program 

As we raise our virtual glasses to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the Full Stack Web Developer Program, it’s time to reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken.  

Year 2019: The Pilot Phase

In the beginning of 2019, we embarked on an exciting adventure — the pilot phase of our current Full Stack Web Developer Program. Our mission was clear: to equip career changing adults with the skills needed to conquer their first positions as junior web developers. 
We didn’t stop at classroom walls. Instead, we actively engaged with companies — our invaluable partners. Led by Miikka Merikanto, our former Education Manager, we proactively collected information on the competency requirements of software development companies and endeavored to align our training programs with these needs whenever possible. Special training sessions were conducted by companies, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Industry experts shared their insights, demystifying real-world challenges. 
Companies also provided feedback on student projects, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. And when it was time for students to apply for internships, we had managed to spread the word about our program and the future talents in the making.  
All this was possible because we received project funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. With their backing, we laid the groundwork for this new way of training web developers. 

Five Years and Counting: The Full Stack Web Developer Program 

Fast forward to today, and we’re now celebrating five-year anniversary with results which make us very happy.  

We’ve taught web development for adults both in Finnish and in English, but our English-language groups form the majority. We’ll focus in this article on them. 

Total number of ten Full Stack Web Developer groups have begun during these five years. This means that approximately 250 students have started their studies in this program. The program has been very popular, and the numbers speak for it: over 2,500 applicants have been vying for a spot in our program. Already 150 students have graduated from this program. 

And guess what? Approximately 80 % of our graduates now thrive in software development roles. They’re building apps, optimizing databases, and shaping digital experiences. 

According to our Full Stack Web Developer program’s dedicated teacher Margit Tennosaar, numerous students have expressed that this program has profoundly impacted their lives: – I have received touching comments from our alumni along the way, according to which many lives have been given a new direction by this educational program. 

– While there are several factors contributing to the training program’s popularity and positive outcomes, I’d like to emphasize the pivotal role of teamwork. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with various parties both internally and externally. Many professionals have contributed to the success of this training, Tennosaar points out.

Teacher Margit Tennosaar
Margit Tennosaar teaches web development at Business College.

A Shout-Out to Our Alumni and Industry Partners 

To our alumni: You are the living embodiment of our program’s success. Your resilience, creativity, and passion inspire us daily. Keep pushing boundaries and making us proud! 
To our industry partners: Your support has been of great importance. Together, we’ve transformed learners into creators, dreamers into doers. Let’s continue this journey also in the future. 

Navigating Challenges: The Resilience of Our Full Stack Web Developer Program

Full Stack Web Developer program continues to thrive. However, due to the prevailing economic conditions in Finland, we’ve observed that our students are encountering increasing difficulties in securing internships and junior web developer positions. As a result, we’re reaching out to all industry professionals: How can we enhance our program? What collaborative opportunities would you like to explore with us moving forward? Your insights are invaluable as we strive to adapt and empower our students for success.  


    - marja.wallinmaa@bc.fi