Full Stack Web Developer program: modules from Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology

Born to code? Apply now to the Full Stack Web Developer program!

Together with our partnering companies we train new software developers who will specialize in React and JavaScript in Front End and PHP, Symfony, Drupal & WordPress in Back End. The coder training program will be very intensive and focused which will start in March and end in the end of 2019.


Full Stack Web Developer program: modules from Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology (you may continue on with the studies and finish the whole qualification if you wish to do so)


9 months

To whom

After upped secondary school


Program starts 18.3.2019, lectures start 25.3.2019.

Application period

Please read the Applicant’s Guide »
Application period from January 4th until February 18th 2019. Apply now »


Our Web Developer program partners are some of the largest Drupal and WordPress companies in Finland!


Software developer position as the goal

Full Stack Web Developer program is designed for adults who want to work as software developers.

We only focus on the key areas of software developing in the program:

  • Software prototyping
  • Software implementation
  • Use of an integrated development environment

Studying in the program is very practical.

Nb! Because of the intense schedule of the program we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself to the basics of programming even before the program starts. You can begin with some of the beginner friendly web courses with the following topics: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. You can find quality online courses from mooc.fi, codecademy.com or udemy.com.

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Structure of the program in 2019

The first period from March to May is in school with our teachers.

During the summer (27.5. – 20.6.) there will be WordPress and Drupal developer projects and training which will be led by software developers from our partnering companies.

The second period from August to October is in school with our teachers.

The third period from October to December will be an internship period with our partnering companies or other employers.

Practice makes perfect

Full Stack Web Developer program will be very practical in comparison to studying in a University. If you are aiming towards the position of a junior software developer, our education track is a quick way to learn practical information and skills and land your first job as a developer. With the Full Stack Web Developer program, we focus 100 % towards employment of our students.

If you wish to continue with the whole qualification, you can continue with your internship and learn the missing modules in our web based learning environment. If you wish to get guidance and mentoring in the more general modules, you will be able to study on premise in our campus as well.

Program enrollment via interview

There is no entrance exam to the program. The most suitable candidates will be invited to an interview. Based on these interviews approximately 30 students will be accepted to the program. The most important thing is motivation so if you really want to start a career as a software developer, you have a good chance to be accepted!

The Full Stack Web Developer program is organized with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture project funding.

More information

  • Concerning the application process, Student affairs office, studentaffairs@bc.fi
  • Program contents, lecturer Harri Hautala, harri.hautala@bc.fi