Full Stack Web Developer program – React & Node

*Application period and content of program for January 2023 will be announced later*Your code. Your future. Apply now to the Full Stack Web Developer program! The program has been planned and will be done in collaboration with a partnering company. Main technologies of the program include JavaScript, TypeScript, React and Node.js. Partnering company will be involved in student team project during the spring of 2023.


Full Stack Web Developer program: modules from Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology (you may complete the whole qualification with extra studies, if you wish to do so)


17 months

To whom

A person who wants to work as a software developer


The next program starts in August 2022.


Next application period will be announced later. Applicant’s Guide »

Entrance exam

Interview for the August 2022 intake 30.5.-3.6.2022

Software developer position as the goal

Full Stack Web Developer program is designed for career-changing adults who want to work as software developers. Studying in the program is very practical in comparison to academic studying. The studies focus 100 % on getting the core skills needed as software developer. 

Everything made sense. Sometimes I was wondering in class if this needs to be taught, but I later found out I needed it. And sometimes I wondered why this tool is used, but now I stare at it all the time. It is quite different when there are teachers who have done the work themselves than learning things by yourself. We had the support of our teachers.

Read the interview of alumni Tanja Lehtinen

Main program partner

Full Stack Web Developer program’s main program partner is Exove. Exove creates digital solutions that have instant business impact by combining customer insight, data and tech. People at Exove are passionate about their work and their solutions are always made from people to people.

Structure of the program in 2022-2023

The semesters from August 2022 to May  2023 are in school with our teachers. Before Christmas holiday there will be a student team based software development project. Before May there will be a student team based project, which will be held in collaboration with our main program partner Exove.  

The studies will finish with an internship period up to 5 months and it will take place during the summer/fall semester of 2023. 

Course list  

We only focus on the areas of software developent from the ICT qualification in the program: 

Fall 2022 
Working in a Software Development Team  
UI Design and Prototyping  
HTML5 and CSS3 
Programming JavaScript  
React Basics  
Node Basics
Databases and Data Structures
Software Development Team Project 1

Kevät 2023  
React Advanced
Node advanced
Unit Testing and Quality Assurance
Continuous Integrations and AWS
Software Development Team Project 2 (in co-operation with main program partner Exove)

Program enrollment via interview 

There is no entrance exam to the program. The most suitable candidates will be invited to an interview. Based on these interviews approximately 30 students will be accepted to the program.  

Preparing for the program 

Working with a computer is natural to you and you should already have some knowledge and skills about programming basics. If you haven’t started learning the basics we recommend to start with free sololearn.com or codecademy.com courses. We also highly recommend quality courses from mooc.fi and udemy.com. 

Selection criteria 

Application: 0 – 5 selection points (motivation, career plan, competence in ICT and previous experience).  

Language skills: 0 – 1 selection points (Finnish language skills (mother tongue, secondary language or YKI 4 level accredited skills) 1 selection point).   

Educational background: 0 – 2 selection points (any academic degree (minimum bachelor level) 1 selection point, bachelor level in technology, science or business / any academic degree at least masters level 2 selection points). In the final selection phase, all academic degrees award 1 selection point.  

Interview: 0 – 5 selection points  

Applicants will be invited to an interview based by the sum of their application, language skills and educational background selection points. The interview will be held in our Campus in Pasila, Helsinki. No exemptions.  

The final selection will be made based on the sum of interview, language and educational background selection points. In the case of equal selection points applicants ordering will be based on their interview selection points. In case of equal points in interview as well ordering will be based on application selection.

Working and studying  

You might not be able to combine studying in the program and getting unemployment benefits.  

Applicant is responsible for communicating with TE-toimisto.   

Training program is full time – you cannot combine this program with working full time or having other full time responsibilities.  

More information

Concerning the application process, Student affairs office, studentaffairs@bc.fi

Program contents, teacher Margit Tennosaar, margit.tennosaar@bc.fi

Software Development Teachers Margit Tennosaar and Santosh Kalwar

Listen to or watch the story of our 2020 group students: