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  • December 5, 2018
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Student admission for QIT (Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology)

All the accepted students will receive the admission result letter by post. Study place and enrolment should be confirmed with an electronic form by 16 December 2018 at the latest.

All applicants will receive a written notification of their personal admission decision. Cancellations will be filled in according to the waiting list order. Further information: student affairs office, tel. (09) 1489 0490 or

A list of students who have been accepted to Business College Helsinki and who have given a permission to publish their name on our webpages, below.

Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology

  • Aleksandrova Anastasiia
  • Awakan Victor Pelumi
  • Dam Alak Kumer
  • Dushina Kseniia
  • Eid Sanna Marika
  • EmuraisheMosilily Henry
  • Eyoyibo George Misan
  • Gehlen Jeremy Sulo
  • Handiso Bantegize
  • Harju Riikka
  • Hossan Ridwan
  • Iakobson Valentina
  • Kabir Md Khyrul
  • Khan Md Shuvo
  • Koroleva Natalia
  • Laakso Benita Theresia
  • Lindvall Katri Hannele
  • Mboge Assan
  • Md Faisal
  • Njemo Batumani Charles
  • Petrenko Rostislav
  • Sule Sujata
  • Veselovskii Konstantin
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