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Full Stack Web Developer program alumni Tanja: ”Everything in the program made sense”

Full Stack Web Developer program – React & Symfony

Tanja Lehtinen graduated from the program and from the qualification in June. Now she works as a Developer at Digia. Tanja did her internship at Digia as well. She has done work with software requirements, documentation, quality assurance and client communications – and now software development.

Previously Tanja worked as a team lead in an unemployment fund in which she handled applications. “I started to think what I would like to do in the future. Digitalization felt a bit scary. Instead of just wondering I decided to find out more about it.”

Length of the program was just right

Tanja found out about Full Stack Web Developer program at Mimmit koodaa launch event. At the venue there were stands of different educational institutions. The best thing was that I was able to chat with the women studying in the program.

A couple of things were especially fascinating in Business College education: – The program’s duration was good. Adult education support is for 15 months and this lasts for 17 months. Secondly, there is so much practice that you have time to see if the industry suits you, Tanja sums up.

Tanja liked studying in English and it was no problem for her. Tanja has a university degree in anthropology, where literature is in English and she has done her master’s degree in English. As a former anthropologist, she found it wonderful to meet people from all over the world in coder training. – My current team at Digia is in English. It is useful to have studied English and master the vocabulary.

Full set of tools

Tanja had learned coding by herself for six months before studying at Business College. However, she is of the opinion that a training program is needed; someone has already figured out where to start and what to study.

Tanja praises the program contents: – Everything made sense. Sometimes I was wondering in class if this needs to be taught, but I later found out I needed it. And sometimes I wondered why this tool is used, but now I stare at it all the time.

Teachers of the developer program also receive praise from Tanja: – It is quite different when there are teachers who have done the work themselves than learning things by yourself. We had the support of our teachers.

The Full Stack Web Developer program is a part of the Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology. The program includes the essential parts of the degree for the work of a software developer in mind. However, it is possible for the program students to complete the entire qualification: – I think it is good to be able to complete the entire qualification. The additional studies were easy to do online, Tanja says.

Solid foundation

Tanja thinks that the program gave her a solid foundation to work as a Developer. – I like to learn something new – and here you can do it all the time. Changes can come very quickly. The best thing about work is when you see the result. It is great to see that the result of my brainwork shows up in production.

Tanja is now in a different position than in her previous life. – Before, I was an experienced employee when I did the same job for 10 years. Now I’m a beginner – and the foreperson supports me along the way.

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