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The path is paved for Business Game

For excellence in education the EBBD educators from Denmark, Finland, two Dutch colleges, the French and Spanish as well all met up in Skive on Feb 1-2,2023 to advance our collaborative practices.  This was the 4th  trans-national meeting of the Erasmus+ project European Digital Playground.

EBBD educators in Skive, Denmark.

Chaired by Kaisu Luukka from Finland we met to improve, define and maximize the effectiveness of our international business game activity between all participating countries set for October 2023.   We worked on dissemination of the best practices from each school and building a framework for business game implementation for the entire EBBD college network as well as other interested colleges.

Skive showed best practice in their study area project. This interdisciplinary evaluation was of a local business covering marketing, profitability, cultural understanding, innovation and organizational theory.  

In workshops we finalized the plans for test business game which takes place already in the end of February. We laid the groundwork for the Learning, Teaching and Training activity scheduled October 2023 and further developed the end product, framework for implementing business game into entrepreneurial studies. Day two continued our workshops over international cooperation, an international business game and collection and dissemination of best practices.  

Skive also showed brain training activities as an exceptional example of Danish education.  A motivating and inspiring activity that all will take back to their land. 

The progress will be continued online before meeting again in May, this time in France to solidify results from the test game and finalize what we want to do for our project conclusion.  

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