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  • September 21, 2018
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Change of name: Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto officially to become Business College Helsinki

An institute of vocational upper secondary education named Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto has operated in Helsinki for over 100 years. The institute will now officially change its name to Business College Helsinki.

The vocational institute of Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto will officially be renamed Business College Helsinki. While the new name will become official on 1 August 2018, we will already be participating in events and communicating in the media with our new name throughout the summer of 2018.

Throughout its history, the institute has trained professionals particularly for the service of businesses in the capital area. Today, the college trains professionals in trade as well as in information and communication technologies – ranging from those having just finished their lower secondary education to those seeking to update their know-how alongside work as well as corporate personnel trainings.

The environment is changing, and so will the college

Around ten years ago, the decision was made for the Helsinki Business College (founded 1881) and the Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto (founded 1898) to merge. The Finnish name of the new institute was Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto, and the English name was Helsinki Business College.

Now, as the environment in which we operate has considerably changed, it is time to take a step forward. In a brand survey conducted in 2017, we gauged our potential clients’ views about our image and name. In addition, today’s society holds an expectation of equality, with which the word liikemies, businessman did not match. Even when an educational institution changes its name, its tradition lives on.

Despite the change, the name of our education service provider Helsinki Business College Oy will remain the same. The college is owned in equal shares by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation of Finnish Business College.

A clear new brand image

The change of name is part of a wider brand image overhaul.

“In the future, the college wishes to be better able to respond to the rapid changes in terms of internationalisation and the working life,” says the Principal Antti Loukola.

Thanks to the improved visibility brought along by the brand image change, the college also believes its clients will find it more easily in the future.

The new name is Business College Helsinki, but the emphasis is on the Business College part of the name. The college is located in Helsinki, but its area of operation is far-reaching; educational activities also take place online and in the international field.

A strong and unique brand image is built in collaboration with the management, the institute’s internal marketing and communications department, its key partner (media agency Dagmar) as well as with the students.

A visual image speaks volumes of an institute

Students’ opinions were heard when selecting a new visual image for the college. In the future, Business College Helsinki will adopt a logo with just its name and no graphic elements.

This visual style will communicate the idea of a top-notch international educational institution as well as modern expertise. The primary colours for the visual style are burgundy and beige. The burgundy colour is viewed as being associated with education and wealth. Typography in the new visual image will be modern while recognising the past and the college’s long history and tradition.

The idea for the logo and its colours was originally thought up by the institute’s Marketing Operations Planner Tajzan Sharif, and finishing touches were put to the final look by media agency Dagmar.

Communication details change

Along with the logo, the email addresses of personnel will change. From June 2018 onwards, the email addresses will follow the format The former addresses ending will also continue to function.

Further information

On the change of name: Principal Antti Loukola, +358 (0)50 377 8734,
On the visual image: Marketing Operations Planner Tajzan Sharif, +358 (0)44 775 6760,
Other enquiries: Cmmunications Specialist Kirsi Suni, tel. +358 (0)40 747 4399,

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