Student Affairs Office

Student admission for the Full Stack Web Developer program

All the accepted students will receive the admission result letter by post and email. Study place and enrolment should be confirmed with an electronic form by 30 June 2022 at the latest.

All the applicants who were invited to attend the personal interview in May or June, will receive a written notification of their personal admission decision. Cancellations will be filled in according to the waiting list order. Further information: student affairs office, tel. (09) 1489 0490 or studentaffairs(at)

A list of students who have been accepted to Business College Helsinki and who have given a permission to publish their name on our webpages, below.

Full Stack Web Developer program

  • Agrawal Preeti
  • Alanko Jenni Krista Pauliina
  • Amadei Niko Michele
  • Emem Onis Charles
  • Huynh Thi Ngoc Giau
  • Janhunen Oliver Osmo Samuel
  • Juthy Nadia Jahan
  • KC Vijay
  • Le Dang
  • Muondo Vladislav Emerson
  • Petelin Anna Delma
  • Ponomarenko Ilia
  • Poudel Dilip
  • Suh Fuh Boudouin
  • Suopajärvi Olivia Iiris
  • Timilsina Manoj
  • Vagapova Valeriia
  • Zhivotova Marina
    Student Affairs Office