International cooperation

Our international activities are based on our long-time partnerships. They ensure that we offer both a broad and varied selection of activities. The collaboration methods include development projects in the fields of education and counseling services, and student and staff exchanges. 

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European cooperation

Project name


Erasmus+ Mobility Project; student and staff mobility project (2023-2024)

Business College on the Move; student and staff mobility project (2022-2023)

Global Mindset; student and staff mobility project (2020-2022)

Instructing Excellence; student and staff mobility project (2019-2021)

Broaden your World!; student and staff mobility project (2017-2019)

Ready for the World! student and staff mobility project (2016-2018)

Coordinator Business College Helsinki

The aim of the project

The project offers students, teachers and other personnel the opportunity to go abroad on a study, work or training period to support their studies or work. The main objective of the project is to develop the ability of students and staff to work in an international environment and to improve language skills.

Project description

Students can apply for an Erasmus grant for their on-the-job-learning period abroad or for a student exchange. The amount of the grant depends on the length of the period abroad and the country of destination. Staff can apply for a one-week job-shadowing period. In addition, teachers have the opportunity to embark on a 4-day trip to support student’s internship.

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Head of International Affairs Hilla Helasaari,

Coordinator of International Affairs Orsolya (Ursula) Simon,

Duration 2023-2025

Coordinator: Business College Helsinki

Funding: Nordplus Junior

The focus in this project will be on increasing the student’s awareness of and knowledge about different aspects of diversity within the Nordic region. How can diversity in the workplace be an asset for business organizations in the Nordic region. How and why should integration be promoted at educational institutions, for example. The participating schools have strong business programmes and wish to contribute to solutions of global challenges by opening the student’s eyes to the varied work being carried out for promoting social sustainability in the Nordic region. Special attention will be given to how different types of organizations (NGO’s,authorities, youth organizations, companies and entrepreneurs etc.) are working towards a more diverse society at large. How can students and youth organizations contribute to promoting diversity, integration and cultural competence? What is the role of the Student Body / Student Union at each school in promoting social sustainability? By promoting social sustainability, the wellbeing of students will improve and lead to better learning outcomes and better self-esteem.

Partners: Commercial College of Iceland (IS-Versló), Nacka gymnasium (SE), Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College (DK), Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum (FI)

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Head of International Affairs Hilla Helasaari,

Project manager Tuula Pahkala,


Duration: 1.1.2022-31.12.2023

Funding Erasmus + (KA2)

Coordinator: Business College  

The current situation calls for development of sustainable alternatives and cooperation with European partners to learn from and with each other to face today’s challenges in education and society. This means that VET institutions have to provide new flexible transnational projects, which can be carried out remotely or as blended learning to adapt to global and environmental or societal changes. 

Considering the possibilities in technology and the growing relevance of digital education, partners want to explore and share good practices in digital education, entrepreneurial projects and simulations. The project will help business VET students to gain extensive professional skills in entrepreneurial mindset, language and international competences and they are able to utilize those skills, to become more prepared for the future work life and be able to consider career options including entrepreneurial and international skills. 

The main target group is business VET students, whose needs are to experience international cooperation that prepares them for the future of work; by providing the students with the positive experience of their entrepreneurial skills, we are able to foster the students to become autonomous members of our European societies, integrate them in the labour market and help them in developing realistic aspiration regarding their individual lives. 

Participating in this Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project are experts and students of: Helsinki Business College, (Finland) Summa College (the Netherlands) Skive College (Denmark) Nazaret Fundazioa (Spain)  Charles Peguy ( France) & Rijn IJssel (the Netherlands) 

More info:

Orsolya Simon or Kaisu Luukka