Entrepreneurship and business

Entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of all our activities at Business College Helsinki. We coach our students to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and to acquire the basic skills to work as an entrepreneur.

Currently Business College Helsinki is taking part in projects such as DIHUB and StartUp Hub. Learn more about these projects below.

DIHUB – Digital Innovation Hub for cloud based services

Duration: 11/2019-11/2021

Partners:  Helsinki Business College (Finland), INOVA+ (Portugal), Know and Can Association (Bulgaria), Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria), Portuguese National ICT Cluster (Portugal), Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (Finland), Algebra University College (Croatia),Croatian Employers Association (Croatia), Tartu Vocational Education Centre (Estonia), BCS Koolitus (Estonia)

Funding: Erasmus +, Sector Skills Alliances

The DIHUB consortium is setting up European-wide cluster of interconnected nodes using the latest cloud computing technologies for innovations development, education and for generation of new start-ups.

Digital Innovation Hub for Cloud Based Services project five DIHUBs will be created in different sides of Europe: Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia and Finland.

The results of the project:

  • Cluster of five interconnected nodes for innovations development, education and for generation of new start-ups
  • Digital Innovation Hub model for Cloud Based Services
  • Proof of concept for a training program in cloud based service creation
  • Training materials for the Training program
  • Pilot of the Training program in the created learning environment
  • Review report of cluster of interconnected nodes and training programme

Learn more about DIHUB here.

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