Acquire the European Business Behaviour and Democracy -certificate (EBBD)

If you are a student in our Qualification in Business program (QB), you have an excellent opportunity to acquire the European Business Behaviour and Democracy -certificate i.e. EBBD. It is a European label of excellence in the field of international business studies. In addition to Finland, it is possible to acquire the certificate in accredited schools in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and Hungary.

The certificate requirements include an excellent grade point average and good command of two foreign languages. One of these is usually English – unless it is your mother tongue – (at least level B2 on the CERF scale) and the other one can be for example Swedish or any other language (at least level B1). Additionally, to fulfill the EBBD criteria you must have studied or worked abroad in the field of business for at least 4 weeks during your studies at Business College. This is possible by doing all or a part of your training abroad. To help you find a suitable workplace for your training, our college has a wide network of workplaces abroad. A student who wishes to acquire the EBBD is responsible and a great problem solver, and knows teamwork.

Even the students in our Finnish-speaking Business studies can acquire the EBBD, if they fulfill the criteria and complete a certain part of their studies in the English-speaking QBM program.

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Teacher Kaisu Luukka,

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