PCDP instructor

PCDP instructor is a designated teacher who supports you during your studies. PCDP stands for personal competence development plan. Your PCDP instructor can provide you information on your studies, the structure of the qualification, and the student support services at our college. Together with you, your PCDP instructor makes your personal competence development plan, talks about your career plans, helps you to find a suitable place for your training etc. Your PCDP instructor is the main source of support during your studies. Together you can think of suitable ways of studying, and your possible needs for special support.

You will meet your PCDP instructor almost daily, because he or she is also one of your teachers. You can turn to him/her regarding all matters related to your studies. If needed, your PCDP instructor will advice you to contact our other student support services (student affairs office, special education teachers, psychologists, helpdesk etc.).

You can contact them in person, or by phone, email or the electronic Wilma platform. You can alway set a meeting with them to discuss study related matters.