Itslearning web environment

Itslearning is the web-based learning environment at Business Collegen. You can log on to Itslearning with your personal Business College credentials, the same ones that you use to log on to Wilma. On ItsLearning you have been added to the courses marked in your timetable. The teachers add all the assignments and materials to their course, so it is easy for you to find all the materials in one location. You can return your assignments on ItsLearning and the teachers grade them online.

Itslearning is easy to use and your teachers will show you how to use it. You can find the user’s manual on the Itslearning course called Student Instructions.

If you download the Itslearning app on your smartphone, it is even easier to keep track of your studies. Through the app you can log on to your own courses, study and do assignments no matter where you are. The app will let you know if your teacher has made an update to the contents of the course, or has sent you a message via Itslearning.

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