Special support services

If you have a learning difficulty, disability, a medical condition or other reason that requires long-term or regular special support in order to achieve the qualification you are studying for, we can make you a plan for special support.

The plan is based on your personal goals, strengths and skills, and they are taken into account when planning the pedagogical support, and the special arrangements made to support your learning.

If you feel you might benefit from special support for learning and studying, you can contact your PCDP instructor, the responsible special education teacher, guidance councelor or the school social worker.

The possible solutions for your special support at Business College:

● Remedial teaching or additional guidance given by a vocational teacher
● Part-time special needs education in the common units given by a special education teacher
● Studying in the open learning environment according to your individual plan
● Studying in our project group (in the open learning environment)
● Support given by a study coach (requires a voucher by your municipality of residence
● Intensified guidance councelling (with a guidance councellor and/or special education teacher as your responsible instructor)
● Student welfare support (by the City of Helsinki)
● Flexible studying times (such as a lightened timetable, or flexible working hours during training)
● Accommodated syllabus in selected sections or complete units to correspond to your skills