Student welfare services

Student welfare services are there to support you learning, your mental and physical health, as well as to ensure and promote your social wellbeing and safety. Student welfare is mainly preventive, and its actions are meant to support the school community. Student welfare belongs to each member of staff.

In addition to this, students have the right for individual student welfare services, which include:

● The services of the school social worker or psychologist
● Student health services
● The support of a multi-disciplinary support group set in accordance with the student and/or their guardian’s request

Student Welfare Counsellors

You can come and talk with the school social workers if your studies are not advancing – for one reason or another, if you have difficulties getting everything done, or if you need support in handling your finances or living conditions, living independently, time management, or general life control. If your motivation seems to be lost, that is also a good reason to stop by.

The school social worker can support you in finding or regaining your strengths, and in strengthening your self-esteem. Sometimes relationships or social situations can cause problems – their doors are open if you would like to talk about these issues. It is easier to find solutions together.

School psychologist

School psychologist is the school’s designated specialist in the field of psychology. The aim of the psychologist is to contribute to the student´s wellbeing and to support their studies. Students can contact her for example if they have problems with school, emotional issues, relationships, or life changes. Action should be taken while the problems are still relatively small. Parents, too, can contact the psychologist when they are worried about their child´s welfare.  

In the email, students should include their name and phone number so that the psychologist can contact them. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to send any very private information via email! 

School nurses and doctor

The student health services include the services of the school nurses and doctor. The school nurses are specialists in healthcare, and they are responsible for giving advice concerning health and for conducting the health checks. The nurses work in pairs with the school doctor.

Nurses are on the YK floor.

If you are unsure if you should turn to a nurse, a psychologist, or someone else, you can come and see anyone of us. The main thing is that you come! Your well-being is important to all of us