For guardians


Business College Helsinki uses the student register web application Wilma. At the beginning of the studies, the guardians of underaged students will receive in their mail a code for creating Wilma credentials. The credentials will be valid until the student turns 18. After this date the student can decide if they wish to continue sharing their information on Wilma.

On Wilma you can keep track of the student’s studies, notify the teacher of the student’s upcoming absence, follow and give explanations on the student’s previous absences, see the timetable, and send a message to a teacher or other member of staff.

Parents’ evening

For first year students the parents’ evening is organised in September. The guardians of students pursuing the double qualification (matriculation examination and vocational qualification) are invited to an additional parents’ evening on the second year of studies, before the matriculation exams.

PCDP instructors

Each student is assigned a PCDP instructor who will support the student throughout their studies. The students make their personal competence development plan (PCDP) with their teacher, and update the plan in the course of the studies. If they wish, the guardians of underaged students can also take part in making the PCDP.

You can check the name of the student’s PCDP instructor on Wilma’s front page, under “PCDP instructor”. You can contact the PCDP instructor in all study related matters.