Student association

The student association Colli is an independent association run by students. We represent the students of Business College in the college’s organs, and act as experts of student life. We also organise different kinds of happenings. The student association is a legally registered association, and therefore the boundaries for its activities are set by legislation and the rules of the association.

All students of Business College can take part in the activities of the student association. The general fall assembly is held yearly, and that is when the members of the board are elected for the school year. The board consists of students, and it is lead by the chair and vice chair. The board makes the decision on the use of the association’s funds, selects the members of the stakeholder teams, and plans future activities.

You can always come and knock on our shoulder to hear more or to suggest an event!

The student association’s base in the room 214b (room with glass walls on the 2nd floor, accross to the guidance councellors’ offices).

You can contact us on school days: